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اشتراک گذاری

NIAN Electronic Company is the ultimate leader in telecom power systems and energy conversion industries in Iran.
The company has won numerous clients in various industrial fields, including Telecommunication, Power Supplies, Power Generation, Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals, Railway, etc.
The company is a pioneer in power conversion field with several decades of experience providing special services to a great number of domestic and international customers.

Today's world depends extensively on telecommunications systems like mobile networks and internet. In fact, DC electricity power is the basis for all these technologies. Power failure in telecommunications systems can cause enormous damages; sometimes irrecoverable.
    Therefore, Nain Electronic strives day by day to develop more advanced and reliable power systems to cover all customers׳ needs & requirements. Remarkably we did not succeed only in development & improvement of our products technology, but the company became also one of the first and ultimate designers and manufactures of telecommunications power supplies in the Middle East. The wide range of Nian Electronic׳s high quality products provides the most reliable DC power solutions for any required technical application.