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ٍHigh Efficiency Evaporative Cooling System


  • Design and production by Nian Electronic Company
  • Approved by Niroo Research Institute (NRI)
  • Applicable for Evaporative Cooling Systems with 3500 m3/hr., 5000 m3/hr. and 7000 m3/hr.
  • High flexibility and custom design
  • High efficiency (driver and electromotor) more than 85%
  • Significant energy saving with 50% higher efficiency than induction motors
  • Single phase 230VAC power supply
  • Suitable for installation in evaporative cooler requiring no mechanical and electrical changes
  • Excellent longer lifetimes due to application of perfect electrical and electronic protection systems and also low power losses
  • Soft start
  • Ability to control and monitoring of water level, motor speed, ambient and environment temperature, water pump statues, over load and system temperature
  • Planning and adjustment capabilities to BMS
  • (Building Management System)
  • Active power factor correction with PF more than 0.99
  • Sensor-less speed and position control
  • Wide range of input voltage ( 175VAC to 250VAC)

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